A Better Windshield: Auto Glass Repair and Replacement
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Windshields are actually a safety device on vehicles.  So keeping it in good condition will keep you and your passengers safer.  Here's why:

Windshields and Airbags

Did you know that front-seat passenger airbags are designed to deploy against the windshield? But when a windshield is cracked, or poorly installed, the airbag can blow it right out.  Passengers who aren't properly wearing a seatbelt can even be ejected through the windshield hole, in the event of a front-end collision.  A passenger ejected from a car or truck is much more likely to experience a serious injury or death.

Windshields and Roof Structure

Windshields provide up to 60% of the roof's structural strength!  In a rollover accident, if the windshield doesn't hold, the roof is much more likely to cave in, causing serious injury or death. 

Once again, a cracked windshield, or one installed the wrong way, can fail to operate the way it is supposed to in your moment of need.

See Clearly, Drive Safer

Of course, the most basic function of windshields is to keep the wind and rain out, so you can see.  Chips, cracks, or pittingcracked windshield that reflect sunlight can seriously impair your view of the road ahead. A small chip can turn into a Grand Canyon sized crack overnight.  Colorado's temperature extremes, with winter defrosting and summer air conditioning, put a tremendous stress onto windshields.

What To Do

Regularly inspect your windshield for damage.

Repair chips and cracks as soon as possible. This will help prevent the cost of a complete windshield replacement, and save you money.

Replace windshields that are beyond repair or badly pitted. 

Find an expert auto glass service shop. Unfortunately, there are a lot of substandard ones out there who don't use the right materials or follow proper installation methods.