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When it's time for a windshield replacement or repair, turn to Colorado Springs family owned and operated auto glass business. In fact, for over 20 years A Better Windshield has been providing Colorado Springs, Monument and Black Forest with windshield replacement & repair services. Due to the use Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts installed by AGSC Certified Technicians, A Better Windshield provides unparalleled service and quality. For that reason, all our services are backed by a lifetime warranty. As a result of over two decades of experience and the use of quality parts installed by certified technicians, A Better Windshield of Colorado Springs is the right choice for your next windshield replacement and repair. Get a quote and schedule service today. We would be honored to serve you.

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If your windshield is damaged, it is more than just a nuisance and distraction from the road. A crack larger than a dollar can obscure the road in front of you preventing you from driving safely. Additionally, a damaged windshield lowers the overall integrity and safety of your vehicle. Airbags deploy off the windshield and in the event of a rollover, the windshield is a crucial component in maintaining the structural integrity of the passenger compartment. The windshield helps to prevent the roof from crushing inward. A damaged or improperly installed windshield will not offer the strength needed to protect you during a rollover. This may result in head and neck injuries, as well as, the ejection of the vehicle occupants. At A Better Windshield, we care about the people behind the glass - our customers and their families. This is why we only use high viscosity polyurethanes by DOW and/or SIKA and OEM parts installed by AGSC certified technicians. This ensures the vehicle is restored to its factory specifications.

The Difference:

When you’re considering service from an auto glass company, there are factors that set A Better Windshield apart from the competition.

  • Unparalleled Service & Experience: For over 20 years, A Better Windshield has been your locally owned auto glass repair and replacement serving Colorado Springs, Monument and Black Forest.
  • Online Quotes & Service Scheduling: Glass damage can happen at any hour. A Better Windshield is always here for you with 24/7 quotes and scheduling on our website. Live representatives are available to take your calls Monday-Friday from 9 AM-3 PM.
  • Certified Technicians: A Better Windshield only employs technicians certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) to provide windshield replacement.
  • Complete Pricing: Quotes always include tax, labor, and mobile service within the Colorado Springs, Monument and Black Forest. We never charge disposal or shop supply fees.
  • Direct Insurance Billing: We are an approved shop by all major auto insurance providers. As a result, we provide our clients with direct insurance billing. Merely pay your deductible and we'll handle the rest.
  • OEM Parts: We utilize OEM parts for windshield and auto glass replacements.
  • 2 Hour Appointment Windows: Our business provides mobile auto glass repair and replacement while offering two-hour appointment windows.
  • Stronger repairs: A Better Windshield's use of Ultra Bond Glass Repair systems and resins is why our windshield repairs are stronger and last.
  • Lifetime Warranty: A Better Windshield is proud to offer a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle.

The A Better Windshield difference is why insurance, fleets, municipalities, and companies, as well as thousands of drivers, trust us every year.

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